Brimstone Kiss

Phantom Queen Diaries

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No one told Quinn there was a cover charge to enter Hell—or that Valhalla didn't allow bar tabs. Thanks to a witchy homebrew, Quinn MacKenna—part-time goddess, full-time troublemaker—has slipped past death’s door to rekindle an old flame and snuff out an old friend. But in order to do that, Quinn will need allies, be they an alcoholic ferryman, a deadly Horseman, or some of the most feared and respected gods this side of the afterlife. In a do or die effort to track down her old nemesis, Quinn must first expose dark truths, strike a bargain with Hades himself, and journey to a realm fraught with bloodshed and brimming with booze. The sort of place only a warrior could love—or a scrappy redhead from Boston.

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