Halo Breaker

Feathers and Fire

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The White Rose marches for war. The angels will weep, the devils will cry, and mankind may die. Callie Penrose wields the Spear of Destiny and wears Envy’s Halo—the corrupting power of darkness balanced by the legendary blade of light. Both fight for dominance of the White Rose, but which force will win? Her best friend, Claire, has been abducted or killed, and her only surviving family has been ritualistically murdered to hide the truth of the Divines and the Sev’n Most Sinist’r. Heaven has deemed her a criminal and Hell begs her to be their queen or die. The Vatican is preparing to march on the City of Fountains to defend mankind against the horrors of the White Rose, the new Master Dracula, once and for all. The answers to her past—and mankind’s future—are hidden deep within Solomon’s Temple, locked away for very good reason. Callie will have to face some dark, painful truths to bring harmony to a world gone mad. To discover why Heaven and Hell are so eager to bring her under their control. But the Horsewoman of Despair is not alone. The Horseman of Justice and Absolution ride to Kansas City to lay waste to her foes. Three of the Dread Four will march against the forces of Heaven, Hell, and the Vatican. And Kansas City is not the only battleground. The Garden of Eden is in grave peril, and no one knows if Callie is the danger or if she’s the savior. After all, how good can Master Dracula be? The Halo Breaker rides a path as thin as the edge of a sword, and even she doesn’t know what is right or wrong. But that’s what family is about. Getting into—and out of—trouble. Let’s just hope the city can survive. Let us pray that the Garden of Eden will thrive. The flip of a coin will decide the fate of the world.

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