Feathers and Fire

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War is coming to the City of Fountains. The Four Legendary Creatures are free, the Seven Sins are running wild, the vampires are getting thirsty, and the Vatican is ready to enter the front lines. And Callie Penrose is at the heart of it all. The Horsewoman of Despair flicked the first domino, and the consequences are echoing throughout the various halls of power in all corners of the world. As the streets of Kansas City threaten to become raging rivers of blood, one of those closest to Callie is kidnapped, and she is forced to choose between her heart and the people who depend on her to keep them safe. To value duty over love. As the pillars of Heaven begin to crumble, it becomes increasingly obvious that all these events are coordinated rather than coincidental. Callie may have flicked that first domino, but how much can her heart handle when she learns that some of her closest friends set all the dominos up in the first place. Now is the time when success truly depends on how Lucky Callie can be, and whether she can determine which friends have been paid thirty pieces of silver to stab her in the back. Angels shall weep, and demons shall laugh. Humanity will burn and gods shall die in the wake of a Horsewoman betrayed.

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